Wolfgang Kaerger Environmental Consultancy

End-of-life vehicles (ELVs) contain important secondary raw materials that must be fed back into the production cycle.

As a consultant for Car Recycling and Environment, I am the contact person for automobile recycler, shredder companies, scrap merchants, car manufacturers and importers, authorities, associations, NGOs and politicians.
With my profound knowledge and experience, I help companies to optimize processes, reduce costs and at the same time decrease negative environmental effects. I support and assist organizations by identifying the consequences of existing and planned legal provisions and I give specific advice for a more practical design and an optimization of the regulations.
My practical experience results from having worked for companies in Germany and in Europe for many years. The main focus of my work as an independent consultant is :

  • Optimization of processes of ELV recyclers
  • Collection and marketing of used parts
  • Separation and marketing of recyclable materials
  • Interface optimization among dismantlers, shredder companies and electronic recycling plants
  • Preparation of analyses of trends and perspectives in the sector of car and materials recycling